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Runtz Strain Being a member of a very hyped Cookie family, It is highly sought out due to its unique flavors. So, as a baby of Zkittlez and Gelato, Runtz strain bud’s come in a plethora of different flavors, ranging from pink runtz strain to purple, banana, ice cream, and white runtz.

The vibrant and flavorsome Runtz strains have hooked the tokers completely by relieving anxiety and melting away stress, let alone the gratifying ride they experience after consuming these high-end Runtz.

Runtz, a cannabis strain bred, is hard to find lest you’re in Los Angeles. The visual and aromatic appeal of Runtz entices weed smokers from across the United States and beyond to come down to LA and make the most of one of the best of its kinds.

In this blog, we’ll pore over the effects of this exquisite strain and help you unearth the secrets behind its proliferated popularity.

Pink Runtz Strain

Pink Runtz  is a variant of the Runtz Strain. It is a hybrid strain that was created when the Zkittlez and Gelato strains were cross-bred And, the bud features a tight spade-shaped look. With a mixture of minty green and purple-colored leaves with orange-colored hairs. So, You will also see a coating of white crystal trichomes all over each bud and the high you feel has been described as being totally out of it and happy that you feel that way. The intense high comes from its very high THC level (averaging between 23-25%). The most notable characteristic is the aroma and taste, a sweet, berry-cherry flavor with just a hint of sour.

Purple Runtz Strain

Purple Runtz strain is a well-known variant of the Runtz Strain of legally grown cannabis. Created when the Zkittlez and Gelato Strain of the Cannabis Sativa Marijuana plants were cross-bred, the Runtz Strain has numerous variants. Purple Runtz Strain likely got its name from its stark purple coloring that mixes in with primarily green color. And , there is also a purplish tint to the white crystal trichomes that cover the bud. Purple Runtz produces a high but, it also gives you a feeling of being energized and more alert. It contains moderate levels of THC (18%) which is likely why the high is also more moderate. So, It features a mild grape aroma with a hint of sour citrus. The taste combines the flavor of both citrus and grape.

Obama Runtz Strain

Obama Runtz  is quite different from the variants of the Runtz Strain and it is a hybrid combination of three different strains that includes the Runtz Strain, Afgani Strain, and OG Kush strains. Through the magic of cross-breeding, you get the combination of three different characteristics of the three marijuana plants in one with it’s powerful euphoric sensation that is almost immediate as you take your very first toke of the Obama Runtz Strain. So,  it creates a calming effect that helps to break down your inhibitions and allows you to be much more social than you normally are. It’s intense high comes from a surprisingly moderate level of THC (averages 14-18%). These buds are characterized by their grape shape and deep green color with orange hairs and purplish tints and have a clear coating of trichomes.

White Runtz Strain

White Runtz Strain is another popular variant of the Runtz Strain that was developed by cross-breeding the ZkittleZ Strain and Gelato Strains of the marijuana plant and it is targeted towards the consumer that favors hybrid marijuana. And, It is also aimed at that person looking for a bud that is has a high level of THC (averages 23-24%) which helps to deliver a much stronger and longer-lasting high. Be ready for the overwhelming citrus flavor that comes from this strain. It’s unique spade-shaped bud is a very deep green color with long, reddish-orange hairs. It is also covered with white crystal trichomes. White strain produce a  high that begins as a tingling in the next and spine and moves throughout the body.

Black Runtz Strain

Black Runtz Strain is also known as Black Diamond is a variant of the Runtz Strain. This runtz strain is a very potent variety and produces a unique high that tends to make you want to giggle and because of it’s medical value , it is highly sought after and was created in the Northern California region and is very popular. Being very colorful, spade-shaped bud with lots of purple hues and deep green colors. It also features a translucent crystal trichome covering. The aroma is very musky, earthy which gives it a wine-like odor.

Vlone Runtz Strain

Vlone Runtz  is a very powerful and exclusive variant of the Runtz Strain of the marijuana plant. It was developed and bred in Los Angeles, California. This powerful variety of marijuana contains a very high level of THC (averages between 19-29%). It produces a very intense high and euphoric sensation almost immediately. With a lasting effect for  many hours depending on the exact level of THC, these buds are very distinct looking with a deep olive green coloring with some purple hues mixed in. There is also a thin covering of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Banana Runtz Strain

Banana Runtz Strain is a particularly potent variant of the Runtz Strain that features a sweet fruity banana taste, with hints of black pepper. You can say it also has a sweet, candy-like flavor with hints of bananas, as well. It produces a very powerful euphoric high due to its quite high levels of THC (averages between 20-26%). Often , the high produced by this marijuana strain gives a very balance high, while you are energized and motivated at the same time and the bud is very dense and compacted with a deep green color with some amber coloring mixed in and does  features dark hairs and has a milky amber crystal trichome covering the bud.

Moneybagg Runtz Strain

Moneybagg Runtz Strain is another variant of the Runtz strain that was created when the two strains Zkittlez and Gelato were cross-bred. Confirmed by many, this strain  is a very potent strain with an average THC strength of 20-26 and this leads to immediate effects and long-lasting effects as compared to other strains. The high is intense, but you will also feel energized at the same time. As soon as you open the package you will be greeted by a strong scent of oranges and a hint of black pepper with a  physical appearance of the tight compact bud with a deep green color and amber undertones. There are dark hairs and a milky amber crystal trichome coating over the bud.

Hawaiian Runtz Strain

Hawaiian Runtz Strain is a unique marijuana strain in that it is a hybrid of the Pink Runtz Strain and Hawaiian Strain. The combined characteristics of the two strains produce a bud that delivers an amazingly sweet, fruity, and sour candy flavor when you take a toke. Note that it’s intense high and euphoria are produced by moderate to high levels of THC (averaging between 16-23%) and the bud features a very dense olive green color with purple undertones throughout and also features amber-colored hairs and it has a frosty purplish tinted white crystal trichome covering the whole bud.

Ice Cream Runtz Strain

Ice Cream Runts Strain is thought to be a cross-breed of the White Runtz Strain and the Ice Cream Kush Strains, however, there is no supporting data to verify that claim but this doesn’t however have any impact on its popularity. The intense high comes on just as you take your last toke as it’s lifts your head in the beginning and then the tingling feeling hits the rest of your body. The aroma that is produced will remind you of pineapples with a stout pungent odor mixed in and As confirmed, the high you will feel will hold you down to the couch thanks to the high levels of THC (averaging between 19-29%). The bud features an extremely dark green color with many purple tints with orangish colored hairs. It is covered in a purplish-white coating of trichomes which adds to its deep, dark coloring.

Runtz OG Strain

This Strain is a unique strain of marijuana that was created by the cross-breeding of two other strains of marijuana plants; the Zkittlez and Gelato. What was discovered was a potent strain that contained high levels of THC (averages between 26 and 30%) and at those levels, you would get an extremely long-lasting lasting and amazing high. For a fact, the combination delivers a bud that smells and tastes like a sweet citrus candy and the bud is very dense and has a deep olive green color with lots of purple overtones and thin orange hairs. And it’s has been proven that the bud is covered in a frosty purplish tinted white crystal trichome coating.

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About Runtz Carts

Chronic Carts Runtz

– Chronic Carts Runtz are cartridges that are prefilled with e-liquid to be used with vaping pens and other types of vaping equipment. These carts are filled with the liquid that was made using the Runtz Strain of marijuana. The Runtz Strain was created when two different strains of marijuana plants; the Zkittlez and Gelato were cross-bred. The strain and variants that were subsequently created contain a varying amount of THC (averaging between 14-30%) depending on the specific variant or hybrid that was used. Each cart is carefully prefilled and is ready to be used right out of the box.

White Runtz Carts

– The White Runtz Carts are filled with premeasured distillates made from the White Runtz Strain of the marijuana plant. The White Runtz Strain is a variant of the Runtz Strain that produces a very fruity candy-like taste and aroma. The liquid has an amber tint in the cartridge and produces an amazing high due to the very high THC levels which average 23-24%. This also gives it a nice medicinal value in that it helps you to better deal with some of the more intense health issues. The cartridges are premeasured and ready to go right out of the box.

Pink Runtz Cart

– The Pink Runtz Cart is a THC product designed for those individuals who prefer to vape over other methods of consuming marijuana. The cartridges are designed to be used in several vaping systems and contained premeasured distillates of the Pink Runtz Strain of marijuana. The Runtz strain of the marijuana plant for both medicinal and other purposes. The Pink Runtz Strain contains high levels of THC (averages between 23-25%) meaning that the high will be intense and long-lasting as well. The cartridges are ready to use right out of the box and are of the highest quality.

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