Here at SHOP RUNTZ we aim to provide the simplest and most efficent way for customers to order and receive thier Runtz products with very little effort while being time saving .All we ask is for our customers to make sure they are 18 and above so meet with theage requirement for purchase cannabis and cannabis products from our store as we will not be held accountable for any teenage ordering these Runtz Products. 

Ordering from an online store like ours can be challenging for many people . So we have prepared steps for our customers to follow , for them to be able to order from our website and receive their packages faster and with much ease. Just follow the steps below and contact us if you need further assistance .

1) Browse Our Runtz Collection

  • Open our website from our website link ( ), while on our home page you will see our menu just after our logo.
  • Locate the Borwse Runtz Products button and click on it to see a drop down list of Runtz products we have.
  • On the drop down list , you will see Runtz Strains , Runtz Carts and All Runtz Products . You can select which category of Runtz product you want to under from and click on it.
  • If you select Runtz Strain category, it will take you to the page where you can find all the Runtz Strains available that you can order.
  • If you select Runtz Carts category, it will take to the page you will find Runtz Carts to order your favorite.
  • And finally if you select the All Runtz Product category, you will see all runtz product both Runtz strains and Runtz Carts in one page to select you favorite product

2) How To Place An Order

  • After selecting the Runtz Product category of your choice , Another single product page will open up where you can choose the Quantity of your preferred Runtz product.
  • After choosing the quantity of your Runtz product, then you will see two buttons, The ADD TO CART and BUY NOW buttons.
  • The Add To Cart button adds your product to your cart and gives you the opportunity to add other products of your choice by following the previous steps.
  • On your shopping cart , you will see the CHECK OUT button. Click the button and it will take you CHECK OUT PAGE where you will find the PLACE ORDER Button.
  • The Buy Now button directly takes you to the CHECK OUT Page where you will see the PLACE ORDER button.
  • While in the Check Out page , fill the BILLING DETAILS infomations needed , Select Your preferred PAYMENT METHOD  available from the ones given. Then Click The PLACE ORDER button to finalize your order.

And That is it! . We will receive your order and contact you promptly through the E mail address or Phone number you have provided so you can pay for your order and complete process, so we can ship deliver your product to your location.